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Please submit your scientific manuscript written in English via e-mail to . Manuscripts should be submitted as a Word (.doc) file plus figures in a separate single attachment (pdf) that should be created from your image files* with a maximum summary size of both attachments of 20 mb**.

Please include the following information on the title (first) page:

State or Province (if applicable)
Zip code
Preferred e-mail for correspondence
Eventual submission destination (Journal)
Anonymous presubmission choice (Answer: Y/N; see Assurances for details)


*-To create pdf files from your jpeg(s) either “print”----> “pdf”----> “save as pdf” (Mac) or use pdf conversion utilities (Windows). To “stitch” together multiple PDF files, use Adobe Acrobat or a similar utility. Figure numbers should be clearly indicated on the figures.

**- In a rare case of a special circumstances need for attachments larger than 20 mb, we can accommodate additional arrangements by you to allow this using either your University/College large file upload service or a large file upload service of your choosing (such as,, or***).

***-We have no arrangements with any of these web sites, so uploading your large file (more than 20 mb) and providing us with a link to it would be your responsibility.